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Kings Cutlery Hire S/S

Choose Mines Leisure Hire Kings Cutlery to add style to your event.

Every piece in the Mines Leisure Hire Kings Cutlery collection is crafted to recreate the Kings design and also ensure that the weight and texture of each piece contributes to the user experience. Every piece is manufactured to a high standard in stainless steel.

Mines Leisure Hire Kings Cutlery is a traditional design which features regal embossing on every handle in the range. The set is perfect for classic dining arrangements in a variety of settings. The elegant handle designs available within the Kings Cutlery collection all feature regal embossing.

Our stainless steel Mines Leisure Hire Kings Cutlery collection is finished to guarantee they look as good as new for your event.

The Kings Cutlery range is large and detailed featuring a variety of knives forks and spoons, from table knives and table forks to dinner forks, side knives and dessert cutlery. The Kings cutlery collection features specific additional fish knives and fish forks and individual spoons for tea and spoons for coffee. Other additions include the large headed Kings soup spoons and pastry forks.

Event organisers and hosts chooseMines Leisure Hire in Wiltshire and surrounding area to guarantee the very best solutions. A wide range of cutlery options are available, ranging from classic to contemporary styles. We have catered illustrious venues such as parks and palaces. But we are equally at home in working private parties, no matter how large or small.

Explore the Kings collection today and choose the pieces that you require for your next big event.