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Kitchen Equipment Hire

When hosting a large scale catering event, whether it is a wedding reception or corporate formal dinner, it is important that you have the right appliances and equipment on hand to deliver a stellar occasion that no one is sure to forget. That’s why at Mines Leisure we have a variety of commercial kitchen equipment for rent near you, all available for hire so that everything goes to plan.

From kitchen essentials to specialist equipment, at Mines Leisure we have a variety of products to cater to your every need. We have a choice of small portable kitchen appliances, such as an electric double boiling ring or microwave, as well as more industrial equipment such as specialist Gastronorm fan ovens and hot cupboards. Our range of electrical and gas appliances can replace all the uses of a fully-fitted kitchen, helping to provide catering services if your venue does not have a designated space for food preparation. Not only this, but we also have water boilers, coffee stand servers, soup kettles, and heated lamps, all fantastic for buffets and large catering stations. For storing and keeping food fresh throughout the day, you can also browse our range of refrigerators and freezers, like our other appliances all reliable, safe, and easy to use.

If you are looking for more specific kitchen equipment, we also have a range of bar appliances and utensils that can help to create a beautiful cocktail or pour the perfect pint of beer. In addition to this there is a great choice of display and presentation options, so that your catering can look as good as it tastes.

With Mines Leisure there is so much choice, all with the aim to help your event run as seamlessly as possible, so why not browse our choice of kitchen equipment today to find exactly what you are looking for.