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Paella pan and burner set

B602045 Paella Pan And Burner Set 295X295


£107.53 each

100 cm Pan and 70 cm Gas Prof burner
3.3 Ft Pan and 2.3 Ft Gas Prof Burner

Product Details

-  100 cm Polished Steel Paella Pan
-  80 cm Stainless Steel Paela spoon with beech handle
-  70 cm Gas Prof Burner with FSDs (Flame supervision devices - in this case cut off valves for each ring)
-  Gas hose and propane regulator included
-  Runs on propane gas
-  Extra strong braced tripod stand
-  CE Certified
-  Serves 70 to 85 people

Operating & Safety Leaflet
Safety & Connection Leaflet - LPG Cylinders
HAE LPG Code of Practice Oct 2013