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Activities Hire

When hosting any kind of birthday party, wedding reception, or corporate function, it’s important to have the right type of activities available to keep guests entertained and ensure they have a great time at your event. That’s why we at Mines Leisure have a selection of activities, both outdoor and indoor, perfect for all ages and a great way to add classic fun and games to any event. With options for both children and adults, there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

Whatever the weather, our range of games and activities is an ideal choice of entertainment, offering options for hot and cold climates. Mines Leisure has experience providing games and activities for a wide variety of special occasions, from wedding receptions to christenings, held in a number of different venues. So, whether the sun is shining, or guests are keeping warm inside to keep the cold out, we at Mines Leisure are sure to have an activity to suit your event.

We have everything you could possibly need to inject some entertainment on your big day. There is something for everyone to look forward to, with traditional games great for the older generation inspired by retro nostalgia, as well as more modern options that are popular today.

Mines Leisure activities can be a fun way to help guests get to know each other, breaking tension by getting everyone involved in the fun. Bringing together the young and old, it takes the pressure off you as the host. Not only this, but our activities from Mines Leisure can be a great way to build teamwork amongst colleagues at a corporate event, helping employees to work towards a goal together. If you think our activities from Mines Leisure could be the perfect form of entertainment at your next event, get in touch today.